About SilverHare

I’m Gill and I live in beautiful West Cornwall where I design and make sustainable silver jewellery.

SilverHare stands for sustainability.  For loving, appreciating and caring for the world I live in so much that I want to commit to leaving as small a footprint as possible on it.  It stands for simple timeless designs that you will want to wear every day (no saving it for a “special occasion”!).  It stands for caring for the person who is going to wear that piece of jewellery and taking time to design and craft it with love and care.

SilverHare stands for unique, because every piece is slightly different as it is made with my hands, not a machine, meaning you own a piece of jewellery that is totally unique to you.  It stands for stories, the story behind the design, the story behind the inspiration, the story behind me, which gives every piece of SilverHare Jewellery a life.

SilverHare stands for placing customers right there at the top and giving personal, timely help to each and every one.  And it stands for you caring enough about yourself and the planet to wear a piece of jewellery that takes little from this world but makes you feel special and unique, because you are.

Here at SilverHare I have started on a journey to reduce my carbon footprint and move towards becoming more sustainable.  There is lots of good stuff being done already here but I recognise that I am far from perfect and there is lots more to be done!

As part of the United Nations global Race to Zero campaign I have committed to net carbon zero by 2030 and become a UK Business Climate Action Leader.  You can find out more about this here Race to Zero campaign  I have a sustainability statement which you can read under FAQ above, and soon I will have a written road map to continue this journey.  Along the way I will pause to reflect on where I have come, look again to where I am going, and then continue on the road.  And I will remain accountable by updating my customers of my progress along the way.  To join me on this journey and find out why purchasing your hand made jewellery from SilverHare is the right thing to do for the planet, for all people and for our future, follow me on FB and IG @silverhare.uk.

Most of my jewellery is made from recycled fine silver (99.9% silver), or recycled sterling silver (92.5% silver).  The silver is recycled from waste from industries that use precious metals in their processes, such as the dental, hospital, photographic and jewellery industries.  So you can wear SilverHare Jewellery with a clean conscious knowing that you are not depleting one of the earth’s limited resources.

If you like something on the website but it is out of stock, or you would like something in a different size/shape/design combination please email me as most jewellery is available to order.  I also take commissions.

Thank you so much for your support.

Ps. If you are purchasing a gift for someone and would like it sent directly to them, please select the ‘Add gift wrap?’ option in your basket and I’ll do the rest!  Your order will be carefully wrapped in Whistlefish paper, which is designed and made here in Cornwall from FSC recycled paper and is fully recyclable.  And I will include a hand written message with your chosen words.

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