SilverHare Jewellery

About SilverHare

Original eco friendly silver jewellery, designed and made by Gill Rose. All pieces are created with sustainability in mind, using recycled silver wherever possible and presented in an ethically sourced reusable cotton bag.

All SilverHare Jewellery is hand crafted which gives it an organic look unique to every piece.  No two pieces are ever the same.

Most of my jewellery is currently made from recycled fine silver (99.9% silver), or recycled sterling silver (as in the case of the bangles and rings).  The silver is recycled from waste from industries that use precious metals in their processes, such as the dental, hospital, photographic and jewellery industries.  So you can wear my silver jewellery with a clean conscious knowing that you are not depleting one of the earth’s limited resources.

If you like something on the website but it is out of stock, please email me as most jewellery is available to order.

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