Caring for your SilverHare Jewellery

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Oxygen and moisture in the air will tarnish silver, especially sterling silver, so it is best kept in a low moisture environment.  Air pollution and chemicals such as hairspray, perfume, deodorant and body lotion all speed up the tarnishing process too.

 As Fine Silver is composed of 99.9% silver it does not tarnish as easily as Sterling Silver which is made of 92.5% silver & 7.5% copper. 


So here is what to do!

  • Last on, first off! Put your silver jewellery on last, after any perfumes, lotions etc, and take it off first as well
  • Store your silver jewellery in a cool, dark place away from sources of sunlight, heat and moisture
  • Avoid wearing in the shower or when swimming or working out

Interestingly the natural oils in your skin will help protect and clean your silver so wear it often!

How to clean your SilverHare Jewellery

If you see your silver tarnishing slightly do not worry, it can be easily brought back to its original condition by using a little silver polish on a soft cloth to clean off the dark tarnish, then using another clean soft cloth to buff.  Or try the more environmentally friendly option below.

Cleaning silver the environmentally friendly way

Do not clean silver jewellery in this way if it contains glass beads or gemstones as they will crack in hot water.  Equally do not clean any SilverHare Jewellery that has a patina as this process will remove the patina!

  • Line a plastic tub with foil, shiny side up (copper binds to foil)
  • Place the jewellery on the foil and sprinkles bicarbonate of soda over the top
  • Cover the jewellery with hot water and leave for a couple of minutes or so
  • Turn the jewellery over and leave for a while longer then take it our and rinse in clean water

Gill Rose