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These made to order Hammered Donut studs are small but perfectly formed!  With their simple, subtle but sophisticated look they are an easy go to pair of earrings for work or every day wear that you won’t want to take out!  You also can’t go wrong with these as a lovely, inexpensive gift for a good friend, sister, bridesmaid, partner or boyfriend.

The Hammered Donut studs are hand crafted from high quality, traceable, recycled sterling silver and shaped by hand, making each pair unique.  They are then hammered with a pebbly affect which catches the light beautifully.

The earrings are finished with sterling silver stud fittings and butterflies and are approximately 8mm round.

If you like the hammered affect of these earrings you may also like the Rip Tide Eco Studs here or how about pairing them with one of the SilverHare Hammered Rings here

All SilverHare Jewellery is hand crafted which gives an organic look unique to every piece.  There will be some variations in pattern, shape, size and colour and sometimes small irregularities on the surface.  This is all part of the handcrafting process and gives each piece its unique charm.  No two pieces are ever the same.

Although in most cases they will be ready sooner, please allow up to 7 days for your order to be made and sent out.   If you have any questions about the processing time please feel free to contact me by email or telephone (details at the bottom of website).

SilverHare Packaging

I believe that most people want to do the right thing when it comes to the environment and really do care about our planet and everyone and everything that depends on it for survival.  So here at SilverHare I have firstly reduced the packaging I use to the minimum needed to protect it and keep it safe. Then I have made it really easy for you to either reuse it, compost it, or recycle it (no special trips needed anywhere!). So without any hassle you can be that sustainable hero I know you want to be.

But I haven’t compromised on style! Your SilverHare Jewellery will arrive in a plain brown envelope (no branding on the outside so perfect for gifts), but I hope you agree that what is inside that envelope looks beautiful, contemporary and right on brand!


Most of my jewellery is made from recycled fine silver (99.9% silver), or recycled sterling silver (92.5% silver). The silver is recycled from waste from industries that use precious metals in their processes, such as the dental, hospital, photographic and jewellery industries.  So you can wear SilverHare Jewellery with a clean conscious knowing that you are not depleting one of the earth’s limited resources.

Here at  SilverHare I am working towards being as sustainable as possible in all aspect of the business.  There is lots of good stuff being done here already, but I recognise that I am far from perfect and there is lots more to be done!

If you want to know more about what I am doing currently and my plans going forward, take a look here SilverHare Sustainability Statement & Road Map

To keep in touch with how I am doing on this journey please come and follow me on Instagram and Facebook @silverhare.uk or sign up to my monthly HareShare newsletter here


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